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Sports Physiotherapy Clinic In Mississauga

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Are you struggling with a sport injury? If yes, our physiotherapists at Therapic Physiotherapy Clinic are here to treat you. We are located on the lakeshore, Southdown area of Mississauga. Whether you are dealing with muscle sprain, ligament tear, or injury related disorders, we can cure you with hands-on massages and physiotherapy techniques.

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Services & Treatment In Therapic  Physiotherapy Mississauga

Get access to the best treatments and programs in Mississauga and get back to living your best life today… pain-free


Physiotherapy is responsible for treating your muscles, bones, and joints using careful motions and stretches.


Custom-made Orthotics and braces in Therapic Physiotherapy Clinic are meant to provide you with the right comfort and support your body is craving for.


Soft Tissue Release 

( Graston )

Graston is designed to treat dysfunction in ligaments, tendons. We use stainless-steel instruments that have been carefully designed to contour different areas of the body.

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Common Injuries Successfully Treated At Our Clinic

Ankle - Strain/Sprain, Shin Splints

Arthritis - Osteo Joint Pain

Back Pain - Low, Mid, Upper


Car Accident Injuries - Whiplash

Elbow - Tennis, Golfer's, OA


Foot - Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles

Hip - Fracture, OA, Post Surgery

Knee - ACL, MCL, Meniscal, IT Band

Neck - Strain, Whiplash, Surgery 

Neurological Disorders​


Overuse Injuries - Carpal Tunnel

Plantar Fasciitis

Post Operative Rehab

Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome


Shoulder - Frozen, Rotator Cuff

Sports Related Injuries

Strains & Sprains

Work Related Injuries

Sports Physiotherapy Near You In Mississauga

Trusted and preferred choice for physiotherapy in Mississauga

We Focus on Manual Therapy And Hands-on Technique. 

Our efforts are focused to ensure that you recover from your injury in a healthy and speedy manner

Direct Billing To your Insurance Company

Late Evening And Weekend Appointment Available

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Your Physiotherapy Treatment Options

At Therapic Physiotherapy Clinic, we know each patient, and the ill-health condition he is going through is different. That is why we assess your health and create a personalized treatment plan to ease your ongoing body pain.

Treatment Procedures We Use

  • Manual Therapy & Joint Mobilization

  • Graston Soft tissue Mobilization.

  • Nerve Mobilization Technique.

  • Soft Tissue & Deep Friction Massage

  • Core Activation and Stabilization

  • Manual Lumbar and Cervical Traction

  • Taping & Exercise Prescription

  • Interferential Current (IFC)

  • Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation

  • Ultrasound waves.

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